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Restore Your Hands’ Youthful Appearance

Think of how much we use our hands in any day; our hands take a beating. The worst culprits for rapid aging are the repeated washings and dryings, and the long exposure to the sun while driving. It is hard to keep sunscreen or lotion on your hands for long and over time it shows. The thin, delicate skin of the hands begins to thin, and the underlying tendons and veins begin to standout. Your hands become a give-away of your aging process.

A three-way approach to having youthful-appearing hands:

  1. Fill the void spaces in the hands.

The FDA recently approved Restylane® LYFT for hand rejuvenation. This gel dermal filler is placed in hollows of the hands to instantly rejuvenate the skeletal look by replacing much of the fullness we all had when younger. The process is made easier with the newer micro-cannula injection system which diminishes bruising and discomfort. Restylane LYFT lasts for 6-9 months or longer and can be touched-up easily with more filler at any time, for a lasting smooth look.

  1. Treat the brown spots with laser skin resurfacing.

Excess sun on the hands causes freckling and brown spot to form. Fraxel laser skin resurfacing is a safe for the delicate skin of the hands. An end-of-summer treatment is recommended to clean up any pigment and condition the skin of your hands. We always suggest having sunscreen in the pocket of your car’s door, so you can have easy access to an SPF 30+ to put on the backs of your hands while driving.

  1. Regenerate the delicate skin with nanofat.

Stem cells have the capacity to repair the damaged skin and thicken the collagen of the delicate skin of the hands. Our goal is to harness your own healing processes by harvesting your own stem cells from a small amount of body fat, called nanofat (ink to new page), and then adding them back to the thinning skin of the hands. This technique is especially useful when performed soon after the laser treatment, when the blood supply to the skin is optimal.

Hand rejuvenation has certainly come of age. We now have a systematic anti-aging approach to restoring a youthful look to your hands.

Please contact our practice at (952) 324-2347 or request a complimentary consultation to discuss your options for hand rejuvenation today.


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