Jul 22 2015

New Uses for Botox: Facial Shaping of Jaw

Botox, Jaw Reshaping, Minneapolis MN

Botox is now being used to contour the outer jaw, especially in women who have bulk or fullness in the masseter or ‘clench muscles.’ Most of my patients who are considering this treatment think that their outer jaw looks too square and too strong. Often this is accompanied by clenching or bruxing (grinding) of the teeth at night. Anyone who shows excessive tooth wear or who has been asked by their dentist to wear a mouth guard at night, would benefit from this treatment. The muscle progressively weakens over repeated treatments with Botox, so that the effect is gradual and does not affect your speech or your ability to chew. Botox, when used consistently over 3 to 4 treatments, causes atrophy of the masseter muscles, and thereby reshapes the jawline.

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