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Chin Implant

“The wonders of chin enhancement can only be visualized on a profile view.”

Proportions of the Chin – Humans are unique in the animal kingdom in having a chin. The chin prominence adds a sophisticated beauty when in balance and harmony with other facial structures, such as the nose.

As a rule of thumb, the chin prominence should meet a line drawn directly downward from your lower lip. The best candidate for a chin implant is the person who has a normal bite but a receding chin. Over time, a full chin-contour can deflate with aging, so augmentation of the chin is also commonly performed along with a facelift.

Most commonly, a solid silicone implant is placed in a small pocket made right on top of the chin. The implant remains for life, yet is reversible at any time. At our Minneapolis-St. Paul-area practice, we offer chin implant surgery for our patients’ benefit. If you are unhappy with your chin and would like to revitalize your appearance, contact our Edina practice today.

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Candidates for Chin Implant Surgery

Enhancement of the profile using augmentation of the chin is performed at any age, most commonly for facial balance and to replace the loss of bony structure over time. The best candidates are those people with a weak chin (microgenia), but where the jaw is well-formed and the bite (occlusion) is good. Many people are unaware that the chin may be augmented surgically through a relatively uncomplicated procedure. The most common chin implants are fashioned of solid surgical silicone and are intended to provide a lifetime correction. Dr. Szachowicz will work closely with you to select the size and shape of the implant that is most aesthetically balanced to your profile.

Chin Implant Surgery with Rhinoplasty

Chin implant surgery is a natural addition to surgery on the nose (rhinoplasty). The volume of the chin should balance the volume of the nose. For people with prominent noses, often much less surgery can be done to reduce the volume of the nose if the volume of the chin is slightly increased. Approximately 15 – 20 per cent of people seeking rhinoplasty have chin implants placed at the same time at Facial Plastic Surgery, in Edina, Minnesota.

Chin Implant Surgery with Facelift Surgery

Chin Implants Information
The most recent research reveals that the bones of the face change with aging. There is actual osteoporosis of the facial bones, including the jaw and chin. This bone-loss with aging causes the chin to have a “concentrated” appearance, and a hollow or depression occurs on either side of the chin. This bony depression, called the pre-jowl depression, adds to the appearance of sagging of tissues of the cheeks and formation of jowls.

Newer designs of the shape of chin implants have built-in contours that correct for the bone loss. The pre-jowl chin implants are often used in conjunction with facelift surgery to restore the smooth jaw-line that was present in youth. The addition of a chin implant with facelift surgery also has the benefit of improving the silhouette of the neck, and it lessens the appearance of jowls.

Chin Implant Procedure

Jaw Implant

A chin implant can be performed under either sedation or general anesthesia. The size and shape of the implant is usually decided during the consultation, but sizers to be used at the time of surgery are also available to help make determination of the ideal size for the implant. SilasticR, solid surgical grade silicone, is considered to be an ideal material for mandibular implants because it has the advantages of flexibility, compatibility with tissues, resistance to infection, and specific sizing. Dr. Szachowicz prefers the “anatomically” styled implant which gently tapers over the jaw from the center of the chin.

  • An incision is made under the chin. Special instruments are used to make a precise pocket for implant on the jaw bone.
  • The implant and the area of surgery are bathed in an antibiotic solution, followed by the placement of the chin implant along the lower border of the jaw bone.
  • The center of the implant is then secured in the midline using sutures, and the overlying tissues are tightened over the implant.
  • The incision is closed. A light supportive garment helps to maintain the correct position of the implant during healing, and minimizes swelling.

Recovery from Chin Implant Surgery

There is little discomfort from chin implant surgery. A light compression-garment is worn to minimize swelling. Dr. Szachowicz prefers a 10-day course of antibiotics for all chin implant surgeries, to reduce the risk of infection. The initial correction may be slightly larger than it will be 4-6 weeks after surgery when the healing has progressed. The implant is firm and rests on the bone and feels natural to the touch.

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Risks of Chin Implant Surgery

As with any implant surgery, everything is done to reduce the chance of infection. Rarely, there is numbness of the lip, or asymmetry of the implant after surgery. Routine follow-up with your dentist can monitor for any long-term loss of bone under the implant as you age.

Learn Whether You are a Candidate for Chin Implant Surgery

Computerized video-imaging is a very useful tool to help you in your decision to see whether or not augmentation of the chin is right for you. Without video-imaging, people are seldom able to look at themselves in a true profile view so that they could see how just a small augmentation in the chin can enhance the overall look of their profile, jawline and neck.

To learn more about chin implant surgery, rhinoplasty, or facelift surgery, please contact Dr. Szachowicz at the Edina, Minnesota location of Facial Plastic Surgery. We serve patients from throughout the Minneapolis-St. Paul area.