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Chemical Peels

What patients said about their peels:

“Made my skin look healthier and more youthful”
“Improved the texture and smoothness of my skin”

Skin Medica Chemical Peels

Dr. Szachowicz offers the Skin Medica line of chemical peels at his Edina plastic surgery practice to give Minneapolis-St. Paul residents a range of peel solutions to match their skin types and desired downtime.

Chemical peels use mild acids to penetrate the upper layers of the skin, and change the structure of the skin’s protein, called keratin. With the Skin Medica line of chemical peels, all the peel solutions are self-neutralizing, adding to the margin of safety with each experience.

Every chemical peel begins with a skin analysis and photographs to document your progress. Your makeup is removed and your skin is thoroughly cleansed. A skin degreaser is rubbed onto the skin to remove any skin oils on the surface of the skin before the peel solution is applied. Lubricant is placed around the eyes and lips to prevent any peel solution from reaching these areas.

The Skin Medica Peel solution is painted onto the facial skin, one layer at a time and the skin’s reaction to the peel solution is observed for up to 5 minutes before the second application. The neck region often only has one layer of peel solution. A mild warmth is experienced as the chemical peel solution is applied to the skin.

A gentle, white ‘frost’ appears on the facial skin’s surface as the peel solution penetrates the skin. Each layer of the chemical peel is self-neutralizing. At the end of the peel, a pigment control solution is painted onto the skin as a final layer.

Illuminize Peel

  • A gentle ‘conditioning’ treatment which results in minor skin peeling
  • Best for people with sensitive skin
  • Minimal downtime

Vitalize Peel

  • Results in an even peel of the top layers  of the skin
  • Peeling starts two days after the peel, and lasts for 1-2 days
  • The overall most requested chemical peel

Rejuvenize Peel

  • Good for people with thicker and darker types of skin
  • Removes most sun freckles and results in more peeling
  • Flaking can continue for 3-5 days

These chemical peels are self-neutralizing and can be safely applied to the neck. All the peels have an option to apply a pigment control serum to the skin at the end of the peel. You leave the office with the peel solution on the skin, to be washed off at home.

Sunscreen is recommended daily even if some flaking is present, as the new healing skin is sun-sensitive.

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Dr. Edward Szachowicz


Your face can reflect the way you feel inside through a facelift or another surgical procedure by Dr. Szachowicz.

Meet Dr. Szachowicz

How often should I schedule a Skin Medica chemical peel?

Most people will have a chemical peel every 4-6 weeks. Often, the chemical peels are paused during the most intense days of summer. The depth of peel can be adjusted to you own goals of skin care. All the Skin Medica chemical peels works the best when a medically supervised skin care program is in place, including daily use of a sunscreen.

Can I have my BOTOX® Cosmetic and dermal fillers after my peel?

Yes. A chemical peel is part of the prejuvenation treatments to maximize your appearance without surgery. Chemical peels, microneedling, and Fraxel® laser treatments are all collagen-inducing treatments (CIT) and stimulate the production of new collagen in your skin. Your BOTOX and dermal fillers can resume after your skin has returned to normal.

Are there any risks to a chemical peel?

Postpone and reschedule your chemical peel if you have a skin breakout or infection. Inform Dr. Szachowicz if you are prone to fever blisters or cold sores as a chemical peel can activate the virus. Always start with a less aggressive peel if you are using retinoid or tretinoin (Retin-A, DIfferin, etc.). Do not use any of your skin care products such as vitamin C, fruit acids or topical skin exfoliants after your peel until the healing is complete. The flaking will occur naturally – do not pick on your skin.

Learn More about Chemical Peels

To learn more about the Skin Medica line of chemical peels, request a consultation with Dr. Szachowicz using our online form or call (952) 835-5665 for an appointment.

There is a $100.00 consultation fee charged to discuss your goals with Dr. Szachowicz. Should you decide to have a surgical or injection service with the doctor, the $100.00 will be discounted, pretax, from the first service. Given the information-rich nature of the initial consultation, we allocate about one hour to discuss procedures and/or services with the doctor. In order to make the best use of your time and the doctor’s, avoid confusion concerning the initial consultation, and to help maintain an efficient and pleasant environment for all, please read our cancellation policy, in full, before your consultation.