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Local or Mini-lift

Dr. Edward Szachowicz performs the Local Lift or Mini Facelift in Edina, MN, with the patient under local anesthesia with some sedation. This rejuvenation procedure is designed for those with early signs of relaxation in the face and neck (see table).

Local or Mini-lift Standard Facelift
Age: Late forties to early fifties

Primarily the aging is in the face with early jowling

Only minimal skin laxity in the neck

May have some fat under the chin

Good skin tone and elasticity

Good general health (no sleep apnea, blood pressure under control, etc.)

Age: late fifties or older

Significant jowls

Some fat or looseness of skin in neck

Muscular bands on animation

Areas of fat loss in the face

Needs chin implant

Local or Mini-lifts have recently received a lot of attention as more people become aware of smaller procedures which can be performed earlier in the aging process to extend their youth-span. People who have their procedures performed under local anesthesia report a quicker recovery with less side effects from anesthesia.

During your consultation with Dr. Szachowicz, computerized video imaging is used to educate you about your options, and simulate a result of rejuvenation surgery. Dr. Szachowicz will review your medical history to see if you are a candidate for a Local or Mini-lift.

Procedure for the Mini Facelift

The Local Lift or the Mini-Lift is a procedure for those who are showing some of the effects of aging in the face which may occur after prolonged exposure to the sun or tanning beds, recovery from a significant illness or after a prolonged stressful life event. Many people come through their forties and feel that their faces have really changed, and lost some vitality.  A Local Lift (Mini-Lift) is designed to correct the aging that is happening primarily to the face: the cheek fat drops, the jawline begins to show some jowling and the jawline is less distinct. The neck may have some accumulated fat, but does not show excessive laxity.

The procedure involves and incision in front of the ear and slightly behind the earlobe. No hair removal is planned, as the incision goes around the tuft of hair in the temple.

Local anesthesia is placed mostly in the cheek area and sometimes under the chin is fat removal with liposuction is necessary.

After the skin over the cheek is elevated, suspension sutures are placed to support the cheek fat pad, define the jawline and gently lift the neck muscles. Usually some skin excess is removed, but the primary goal is to restore the youthful support and tone to the face. A compression dressing is used over night to minimize the ocurence of blood collecting under the tissues after surgery.

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Benefits of the Local or Mini-lift

The Local or Mini-lift heals more quickly than a standard facelift because the amount of surgery in the front part of the neck is minimal. The sutures in front of the ears come out in 7-10 days and the bruising can usually be concealed adequately by 10-14 days.

No surgery can arrest the aging process, but restoring the support and tone to the face slows the aging process. The result will gradually age with you over the next 5-7 years. The real benefit to early surgery is that you still have good skin tone and elasticity, so a more limited procedure can still give you large results.

The best candidates have good general health, with few prescriptive medications. After surgery, a medical grade skin care system will be suggested to help you skin maintenance. A collagen-stimualtion treatment such as Fraxel laser or micro-needling is recommendation at least three times per year to stimulate your skin to produce new collagen.

Risks of the Local or Mini-lift

No strenuous activity is recommended as you heal to prevent blood from collecting under the tissues as they heal. Some surface irregularities may be noticeable in the early phases of healing, but smooth with continued healing. Bruising occurs to some degree in all patients, but can be covered with concealer as soon as the sutures are removed. Arnica montana, an anti-bruising herbal, is given to help with the resolution of bruising. Liposuction in the neck is initially swollen, then has some tissue stiffness, and finally softens as the healing is complete.

Because suspension sutures are used instead of open surgery, the risk to the underlying nerves are much less. There will be some numbness of the cheeks which usually resolves in the next 3-6 months after surgery.

Learn More About the Local or Mini Facelift

To explore this option for you using computerized video imaging, request a complimentary consultation with Dr. Szachowicz using his online form or call  his Edina, MN, office at (952) 835-5665.