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Category Archives: Dermal Fillers

Jawline Enhancement with Fillers

The Hollywood secret to fight the 'jowls' Social media and YouTube are lighting up with images of women with striking jawlines because of the latest techniques in the use of dermal fillers to strengthen and contour the jawline. Over time, the shape of the lower face changes, as the bone of the jaw begins to …

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Fillers Can Correct Volume Loss of the Forehead

Fillers are now seen as a viable way to replace lost volume in the forehead.  The central and lower aspects of the face have always been the central focus of volume correction with the growing appreciation of how contour and shape change, as fat in the face atrophies and shifts with aging.  With the acquired …

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The Forgotten Hollow Temples

One of the most consistent methods of correcting hollow temples uses dermal fillers, such as:   and . These fillers, when placed in the fat pad below the temporal muscle, lift the entire temple region. The outer eyebrow position is also improved when the hollow is corrected. Instead of the outer edge rounding a steep corner, the outer …

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Belotero Balance for Lipstick Lines

Until recently, there were only a few offerings to improve the appearance of the vertical lines that form on the area of the skin under the nose and above the lips. However, treatment of these vertical lines using traditional , often results in an overdone look which is not flattering. The new and improved way of …

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