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Fillers Can Correct Volume Loss of the Forehead

Fillers are now seen as a viable way to replace lost volume in the forehead.  The central and lower aspects of the face have always been the central focus of volume correction with the growing appreciation of how contour and shape change, as fat in the face atrophies and shifts with aging.  With the acquired knowledge of how to rejuvenate cheeks, chin and lips, the upper face is now receiving more attention.

During a regular office visit, Sculptra or gel fillers can be placed in the forehead to correct the gradual volume loss  and to soften the creases that develop as the forehead skin ages. Forehead filling may cause some swelling which usually resolves over 1-2 days, and may require more than one treatment for best results. The results last up to one year, and provide a ‘complete’ rejuvenation to the face.

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