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Monthly Archives: July 2015

New Uses for Botox: Facial Shaping of Jaw

Botox is now being used to contour the outer jaw, especially in women who have bulk or fullness in the masseter or ‘clench muscles.’ Most of my patients who are considering this treatment think that their outer jaw looks too square and too strong. Often this is accompanied by clenching or bruxing (grinding) of the …

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Study Finds That 65+ Patients Have No Added Risk From Cosmetic Surgery

A recent study of more than 129,000 senior patients having cosmetic surgery found no significant difference in the rate of complications for individuals older or younger than 65. The findings of the 5-year study were reported by plastic surgeons at Vanderbilt University. The study also looked at data for patients of more advanced age (over …

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Fillers Can Correct Volume Loss of the Forehead

Fillers are now seen as a viable way to replace lost volume in the forehead.  The central and lower aspects of the face have always been the central focus of volume correction with the growing appreciation of how contour and shape change, as fat in the face atrophies and shifts with aging.  With the acquired …

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New Offerings in Chemical Peels: Illuminize & Vitalize

About the Illuminize peel: A gentle ‘conditioning’ treatment which results in minor skin peeling Best for people with sensitive skin Minimal downtime About the Vitalizeee peel: Results in a even peel of the top layers  of the skin Peeling starts two days after the peel, and lasts for 1-2 days These chemical peels are not painful and …

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