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Study Finds That 65+ Patients Have No Added Risk From Cosmetic Surgery

A recent study of more than 129,000 senior patients having cosmetic surgery found no significant difference in the rate of complications for individuals older or younger than 65. The findings of the 5-year study were reported by plastic surgeons at Vanderbilt University.

The study also looked at data for patients of more advanced age (over the age of 80) and found the same findings of no difference in the rate of complications in the older individuals. Facial procedures, including facelifts, were more common among seniors, with males having an increased rate of cosmetic procedures. “Similar outcomes of cosmetic surgery in younger and older patients have never been shown before on such a large scale,” said Dr. Yezhelyev, one of the researchers .

Dr. Szachowicz says that this study confirms his own experience with more mature patients who desire rejuvenation surgery. Mature patients, in good general health, have reliable and consistent results. For more in formation about choices in cosmetic rejuvenation surgery at Facial Plastic Surgery in Edina, MN, click here.

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