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Monthly Archives: June 2015

Dr. Szachowicz is Named TOP DOCTOR by Mpls-StPaul Magazine Poll

Dr. Szachowicz has again been nominated as one of the TOP DOCTORS in the state of Minnesota. Announced in the July 2015 issue of the Mpls-StPaul magazine, Dr. Szachowicz has been chosen from a survey of his peers. Selection was done from research surveys sent to 5,000 metro-area doctors and nurses. The question asked for nomination was 'to …

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Dr. Szachowicz is Nominated as One of the “2015 Best Doctors for Women”

Dr. Szachowicz has been awarded the distinction of being one of the select few to be nominated as Minnesota Monthly magazine's "2015 Best Doctors for Women." As seen in the July 2015 issue of the Minnesota Monthly magazine, the doctors selected for the Best Doctors for Women were among the magazine's most recent Best Doctors survey. Dr. Szachowicz …

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Rhinoplasty – 7 Days to a New Profile

Few meaningful changes in life can occur in a week, but getting a new profile is one of them. Rhinoplasty or nose re-shaping, is most commonly done for when people are considering having a smaller nose, more definition to the tip or maybe even correcting some crookedness. Commonly, people also request rhinolpasty procedures to fine …

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The Forgotten Hollow Temples

One of the most consistent methods of correcting hollow temples uses dermal fillers, such as:   and . These fillers, when placed in the fat pad below the temporal muscle, lift the entire temple region. The outer eyebrow position is also improved when the hollow is corrected. Instead of the outer edge rounding a steep corner, the outer …

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Jaw Reshaping with Botox

Clenching your teeth or chewing gum can add bulk to the lower jaw area as the chewing muscle (masseter) enlarges. People have even related that they fractured teeth with extra-ordinary clenching, as well as having headaches, TMJ pain and abnormal tooth wear.  is now being used to contour the outer jaw, especially in women who …

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