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Jaw Reshaping With BOTOX® Cosmetic

You may be adding bulk to your lower jaw without knowing it. Clenching your teeth or chewing gum can inadvertently build up the chewing muscles (masseters). People have even fractured teeth with extraordinary clenching. Often this is accompanied by bruxing or clenching of the teeth at night. I use BOTOX injections at my Edina, MN, practice to help patients, especially women who have overdeveloped masseter muscles, slim the contour of the lower jaw.

Who can benefit from BOTOX for the jaw muscles?

Anyone who has overdeveloped masseter muscles, excessive tooth wear, or has been asked by their dentist to wear a mouth guard at night, would benefit from this treatment. These treatments can also alleviate headaches and TMJ pain caused by clenching the teeth.

How does BOTOX slim the jawline?

After consistent treatments with BOTOX, the masseter muscles atrophy, thereby reducing the bulk of the lower jaw and giving a more pleasing jawline. The muscle progressively weakens over repeated treatments, so that the effect is gradual and does not affect eating or speech.

Are you interested in reducing the bulk of your masseter muscles? Contact our office in Edina, MN, online to schedule your BOTOX appointment with double board-certified facial plastic surgeon Dr. Edward Szachowicz.

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