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Jaw Reshaping with Botox

Clenching your teeth or chewing gum can add bulk to the lower jaw area as the chewing muscle (masseter) enlarges. People have even related that they fractured teeth with extra-ordinary clenching, as well as having headaches, TMJ pain and abnormal tooth wear.

Botox is now being used to contour the outer jaw, especially in women who have bulk or fullness in the masseter or ‘clench muscles.’ Most of my patients who are considering this treatment think that their outer jaw looks too strong. Often this is accompanied by bruxing or clenching of the teeth at night. Anyone who shows excessive tooth wear or who has been asked by their dentist to wear a mouth guard at night, would benefit from this treatment. The muscle progressively weakens over repeated treatments, so that the effect is gradual and does not affect eating or speech. After consistent treatments with Botox, the masseter muscles atrophy, thereby reducing the bulk of the lower jaw, and giving a more pleasing jawline.

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