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When considering facial plastic surgery, a surgeon’s credentials, experience, and before-and-after photos are all important. It can also be very helpful to hear from the women and men who have entrusted the surgeon to realize their aesthetic visions. By reviewing the testimonials on this page, written by actual patients of Dr. Edward Szachowicz, you will understand why he is considered one of the best facial plastic surgeons in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area.

“A New Beginning”

Dr Szachowicz helps you to look like how you feel on the inside.
He takes care of the lines, furrows and deep creases that creep into our face as we start to get older.
I have seen other Cosmetic Surgeons, but none holds a candle to the knowledge and expertise of Dr S.
He takes the time to listen and explain so you are always confident and happy with the results
Once you experience Your New Beginning, you will never want to see anyone else.
Thank you Dr S. – Kathleen N.

“I am beyond thrilled with my appearance! Dr. Szachowicz exceeded all of my expectations! My outside appearance now matches how I feel inside! I look in the mirror and I say” I remember you”!”

I felt that throughout the entire experience I was treated with the utmost respect . My voice was heard! I was treated with care and concern every step of the way! Dr. Szachowicz is extremely professional. He treated me as if I was the only patient he had during each and every visit! – Anonymous

“Thrilled to have found this office, my eyes finally look youthful AND natural!”

I had used a med spa in the past and started looking over-filled and very un-natural. Dr. Szachowicz was wonderful and he has made my eyes look even better with a much more natural appearance.

Thank you Dr. Szachowicz and Victor! – Anonymous

“I look 10 years younger without a face lift”

Dr. Szachowicz took on my case when another local plastic surgeon said she could not help me. Dr. Szachowicz was kind, patient, and caring. He gave me specific directions for skin care and created a plan with Refissa and Sculptra that literally took 10 years off my appearance over about 4 months. I will be forever grateful for his medical expertise, his vision to see the possibilities for me, and his artistic application of the products he used. He goes above and beyond for his clients. – Anonymous

“very informative about what i was to have,absolutely cared about me as patient, great care!”

i would highly refer dr szachowicz to any needing any kind of facial care – Joan C.


Sculptra has changed my overall appearance! Currently I am 50 years old and people mistake me for 40 something.
My age does not bother me because I feel put together every day! – Anonymous

“I am very pleased with the work by Dr. Szachowicz..”

It has been a very positive experience with Dr. Szachowicz and his office staff. – Erin M.

“HIghly Recommend laser skin resurfacing”

Dr. Szachowicz is so meticulous, thorough and professional. – Mary S.

“Provides care of the highest quality”

I previously saw a plastic surgeon for botox who placed the needle in the wrong area which resulted in drooped eye lids for several weeks while on vacation in France. I was reluctant to try botox again but was told Dr. Szachowicz was the best….and he is. I have been a loyal patient for 15 years – Susan H.

“i feel he knows his products & uses them in a safe way. ”

its always been great. – Ace . . B. .

“Words cannot express how happy I am with Dr. S’s professional and truly artistic skills”

Dr. S has been so kind and caring during my consultation and procedures. – J. M.

“Fabulous Experience with Wonderful Results!”

I can’t speak highly enough of Dr. Edward Szachowicz and his assistant Victor Rivera of Facial Plastic Surgery Specialists-Edina. I would like to tell you about the experience I had before, during and after Fraxel surgery which Dr. Szachowicz performed on my face, neck, chest and shoulders a few months ago. Dr. Szachowicz came highly recommended by an acquaintance who said that she wouldn’t let anyone touch her face but him, although I didn’t go without doing some research on my own and consulted with two other top clinics in the Edina area that are heavily advertised. Both clinics were similar and very nice but in both cases trained assistants do the work rather than a doctor. What I found at Facial Plastic Surgery Specialists was entirely different from the moment I entered the office. Firstly, it was empty. I soon learned that discretion is a priority for the staff. You will rarely see another patient when you come and go. While in the waiting area I enjoyed some tea and a Lindt chocolate after being greeted by Victor Rivera the office manager. Victor is always professional, kind and friendly. He will take the time to help you in any way he can. I had a few minutes wait and this was the one and only time I have waited more than a few seconds before being lead to a room. I soon met with Dr. Szachowicz who I would come to know as extremely knowledgeable and thoroughly meticulous in his expertise. This, along with being a thoughtful and compassionate person is why I wanted to write this review. I have never met any other physician quite like him for he takes great care to make sure you know what he is doing and are comfortable. He sees to every detail of your care and comfort and truly cares about your concerns and desires. He listened to what I was hoping to achieve and explained to me the reasons he felt that Fraxel surgery along with Botox would be the most beneficial for me and a great starting point. I have quite a bit of sun damage: spots, freckles, crepe under my eyes, the start of sagging joules, and turkey neck as well as acne scaring. The Fraxel rid my face of every freckle and sun spot and lessened my under eye craping. Small lines and other skin imperfections are gone. My scaring became lessened and my pores, smaller. Before the surgery the doctor explained in detail about the procedure and what to expect. I took one week off of work but you can go back after only about three days if you don’t mind the redness. The surgery itself does not hurt as you are asleep the whole time. You return to the office every day for the next three days afterwards and Dr. Szachowicz cleans and checks your skin and the healing himself. You will have a RX for pain in the days after your treatment but I found that I hardly needed them. The Fraxal, along with the Botox took years of serious sun damage off my face. Once I recovered, people started commenting about my skin and would ask me what products I was using!! I need to talk about the care you must take in the first few days after having the laser treatment because for some, it may be prohibitive. After your surgery your skin needs to be cleaned every two hours which is a process and consists of removing the Vaseline that covers the procedure (dabbing with gauze) then washing the area 4/6 times (I did this in the shower), then toning with a water and vinegar solution and lastly reapplying the Vaseline. This all needs to be done every 2 hours and once during the night around 2AM. For me this was not a problem and as I knew what to expect and was prepared; I thought at it as putting me one step closer to new, beautiful skin. These few days went very fast for me and once the healing was done I was amazed that it virtually erased so much damage. I am 56 years old and am told often that I don’t look my age which is always nice to hear but for me the very best thing is having the nicest skin I have had since I was very young. After years of acne, cysts and large pores this feels like a miracle as I now have skin that I can be proud of. Thank you to Dr. Szachowicz and Victor Rivera of Facial Plastic Surgery Specialists! – V. F.

“neck lift, very pleased with the results”

Dr S. is very professional and also very kind, caring physician. He is an excellent plastic surgeon and a top doctor in the Twin Cities. I would recommend him highly for your plastic surgery needs. – Linda W.

“Excellent plastic surgeon!!!”

Dr. Szachowicz always spends a lot of time with me, explaining how and what he is doing during any procedures I have done. He answers all of my questions, no matter how trivial they may be. He is very kind, gentle and knowledgeable. I recommend him highly!! – Anonymous

“a very positive experience with expectations met and succeeded”

Dr Z is very gentle and cares about your comfort – Ann A.

“I finally look like I feel!”

I finally look like I feel! For a while, I felt that my looks did not reflect how I felt inside – I’m sure I am not the first one you have heard saying this before …. I was somewhat concerned (read scared) about what I would look like after surgery and kept postponing doing something about it … that is until more and more younger-looking people continue to be hired at my place of employment …. I felt old and motivated enough to actually do something about it. I saw four physicians in consultation and felt most comfortable with doctor Szachowicz in terms of his experience and results he gets. In addition, he listened to my concerns, and was most receptive to my wanting to not only look younger but natural – I am really critical of some of the people I see out and about in Edina: the dreadful surprised and wind-tunnel looks! He took about one hour in consultation with me – in contrast, I felt rushed in two other consultations, handed from one person to another on the third. but enough of that … I had my facelift and don’t regret having done it: I love my results! Exactly what I wanted! – C R.

“I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Szachowicz and felt he addressed all my concerns.”

I felt I had excellent care and excellent follow up. I liked that Dr. Szachowicz explained everything in medical terms and gave me facts and figures. Dr. Szachowicz delivered everything he promised. I felt he really cared about my progress. I am extremely pleased with the results of my treatment. Some of my friends have said the work done on my face was the best they had seen. Dr. Szachowicz’s office and staff are very inviting. I am extremely satisfied with my treatment and my choice in surgeons. – J. R.

“Exactly what I had in mind!”

If you are a person of a certain age trying to feel and look your best, do yourself a favor and find out how Dr. Szachowicz in Edina, MN can help you achieve that goal. My wife and I have had botox, fillers, chemical peels and laser treatments for several years and thought we look pretty good for our age, until about two years ago when I ran into an old friend of mine (a contemporary of my wife and I) who looked a good 10 years younger than we were at the time!! He looked great, as he assured me his wife did as well!! My wife and I decided to give Dr. Szachowicz a try and were VERY pleased with the results: we look our best, yet very “natural”…. gone is the “had work done” look we were not aware we had. Thanks Dr. Szachowicz! – L A. P. K.

“Dr. Szachowicz is a master at his craft. I would highly recommend him to everyone.”

I have been seeing Dr Szachowicz for over 5 years and I couldnt’ be happier with my treatments and results. He is extremely brilliant, knowledgeable, and honest. I have recommended him to many friends and will not go to anyone else. – Anonymous

“Extremely pleased and feeling happy with the results. ”

I trust the recommendations of Dr. Szachowicz and his attention to detail is excellent. His caring attitude is comforting and I feel special. – Anonymous

“Dr. Szachowicz is extremely detailed and considerate”

Dr. S will make sure you look natural and beautiful. He really understands how to bring out your best. – Anonymous

Dr. Szachowicz more than met my expectations!

I had been thinking of having a facelift for awhile, but was understandably apprehensive. Dr. Szachowicz was recommended to me by my dermatologist, and I thought if another physician recommends him, he must be good!

Dr. Szachowicz more than met my expectations! He was honest, kind, respectful, took the time with me that I needed, answered all of my questions, (more than once), and put me at ease with my decision. I found him to be a highly skilled, competent and an excellent plastic surgeon! My surgery went very well and Dr. Szachowicz was very caring, attentive, and responsive to my needs during the post-operative phase. I could not have had better care!

I am very happy with the results of my facelift! I especially like that I still look just like myself – a younger me – and the results do not look unnatural. I have had so many positive comments from others, relatives and friends, who did not guess that I had plastic surgery, only that I look good. Here are a few:

At three weeks post-op, my hairdresser just stared at me and said how good I looked. She trimmed my hair and gave me a new hairstyle to cover my suture lines. She told me that she was jealous of me. She has several clients who have had a facelift and she said that mine had the best results that she has seen. She took Dr. Szachowicz’s business cards and has been giving them out if clients are contemplating having a facelift.

One of my good friends said that she couldn’t believe how great I looked and that I looked 20 years younger. She had driven me to one of my post-op appointments.

My husband said that I look like I did at age 17, when we first met.

One of my best friends, when she saw me at 4 weeks post-op, said that she loved my new hairdo and how it framed my face, and how good I looked. She didn’t guess that I had a facelift.

My sister-in-law said that I looked great and that she loved my hair. I did tell her that I had a facelift and browlift. She was very impressed with the results. She has been thinking about having plastic surgery and wanted Dr. Szachwicz’s name.

My minister (a female) told me on more than one occasion what beautiful skin I have.

Another good friend has told me many times how beautiful my skin is.

Two women at my church came up to me at different times and both said that I looked pretty and nice, and that they loved my new hairdo.

A male neighbor said that I looked so pretty, and that I looked younger. I said that it was the new hairdo!

I have been surprised to have so much postive feedback from others, and the comments continue. I did not do this based upon what other people would think or say, but their reactions to seeing me after surgery have been a nice bonus. I decided to have this facelift to forestall the aging process but it gave me an “emotional lift” as well! I do not regret having this done and recommend Dr. Szachowicz to anyone who desires to look younger and better! – KW

I had three treatments and could not be happier with the results!

I came into Dr. Szachowicz’s office for botox. He and Sharon talked to me about the benefits of Sculptra. I was a bit skeptical at first but decided to try it. I had three treatments and could not be happier with the results! My face has filled in, gone are the saggy cheeks. I saw an old neighbor of mine and he told me I looked ten years younger! This is something I truly believe in! – KE

Dr. Szachowicz is a wizard. He made “me” look like “me” again.

“Dr. Szachowicz is a wizard. He made “me” look like “me” again. Everyone tells me how great I look- is it a new haircut? Have I lost weight? New makeup? It’s my beauty secret, and I’m not not telling! Thanks, Dr. Szachowicz.

Not only is Dr. Szachowicz. a master physician, he’s a master magician-the master of both science and art. He has an eye for beauty and the technical skill to bring it to life.

If you’re looking for a gentle, caring, creative and competent doctor to lead you through the “scary” process of plastic surgery, look no further than Dr. Szachowicz. Oh, and his great staff too! Thank you, thank you so much!” – PR

You have changed my world…

“Have you ever wanted to tell someone something, but you could not find the right words? I have been thinking about writing this letter to you for a year, and I think I finally came up with what I want to say.

I have met many different kinds of people, but only a few of what I would label as truly “beautiful” people. You are one of those people. You are truly a genuine person. That is hard to find these days in this busy and fast-paced world.

You have a superb skill as a surgeon, but you also have a gift and that gift is yourself. Though not one person alone can change this whole world, I want you to know that you have changed my world and my life tremendously and I sincerely appreciate you.” – SB

You truthfully express compassion, integrity…

“Please know how pleased I am with your services. I visited many doctors before I selected you and your staff to treatment. Not only did you look great, but I felt the confidence and pride on the inside, which is radient on the outside. You truthfully express compassion, integrity, and strive to make each one of your clients an exceptional individual. I wouldn’t consider any other doctor to treat me. I am utmost grateful for everything you have done for me.” – JH

I would happily refer Dr. Szachowicz to anyone.

“I recently had a face lift, brow lift and a fat transfer for my lips. And I must say I have never known such a genuine, loving, caring and gentle person as Dr. Szachowicz. (Not to mention such a competent physician!) What physician would call you at home almost immediately after your surgery just to see how you’re feeling and if you need anything or have any questions? Dr. Szachowicz! That’s who! I would happily refer Dr. Szachowicz to anyone who would like a sincere, caring, competent plastic surgeon to help them through a procedure that demands the highest trust!” – ES

I feel so great about myself.

“Your aesthetic eye, attention to detail, overwhelming kindness and generosity are very much appreciated.

Now, when I look in the mirror, I feel so great about myself. I realize how fortunate I am to have someone as wonderful as you to give me such a precious gift!” – DO

A friend told me ‘your face looks great.’

“This morning a friend told me ‘your face looks great. Are you wearing makeup?’

You have patiently and generously aided a repentant sun worshipper. It shows. Many thanks.” – KW

Thank you so much for your expert technique…

Thank you so much for your expert technique in taking years off my face! As always, you do a fantastic job with all of my procedures. May this year bring great things to you and your warm team, and many of my friend’s faces!” – LF

Thank you for being there to help me on my journey.

“Thank you for being such a professional. Thank you for helping me have nicer skin again. Thank you for being a kind and caring person who came through with flying colors. Thank you for being the person I always have thought you were. Thank you for being there to help me on my journey.” – D

I would highly recommend Dr. Szachowicz

“I had a facelift done by Dr. Szachowicz in 2001.  In 2011, Dr. Szachowicz performed my 2nd facelift and  also a brow lift. I have been extremely pleased with my results.

He is a gifted and experienced surgeon with an eye to restore a youthful and natural appearance.  My desire was to look natural.

His follow-up treatment was very, very thorough.  His treatments expedited my healing process, sped recovery and comfort.

I would highly recommend Dr. Szachowicz for any procedure that you’re considering.” – KS