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Facial aging is slow and steady over time, but almost everybody can tell when they are ready to have something done about it. The signs of facial aging are familiar—the skin is losing its elasticity, the fat and muscles in the face begin to sag, the muscles in the neck become more prominent.  These aging changes of the face can be corrected or improved with a surgical procedure called a facelift, or rhytidectomy, at the Edina, Minnesota practice of Dr. Edward Szachowicz, a facial plastic surgeon. Learn more about facelifts.


Browlift surgery, performed at our Minneapolis-St. Paul-area practice, is a procedure that elevates the brow to a more youthful position. It is frequently performed along with facelift and surgery on the eyelids for facial rejuvenation.

The aesthetic goal of rejuvenation of the forehead is obtaining a youthful shape to the brow, not just elevation of the brow, which results in a '”surprised” look. Learn more about browlifts.

Eyelid Surgery

Surgery on upper eyelids is performed to address excess skin and fatty protrusions in the upper eyelid, and may include a brow-lift at the same sitting. Surgery on lower eyelids improves the fatty bulges that form in that region. Loss of tone in the lower eyelid may require tightening of the muscle of the lower eyelid. Fine lines and a crepe-like appearance in the skin of the eyelid are best treated with laser skin-resurfacing. Learn more about eyelid surgery.


Rhinoplasty or nose reshaping surgery, sometimes called a “nose job,” is a cosmetic surgical procedure designed to change the size and shape of the nose while balancing the proportions and aesthetic angles of the nose.

The goal of artistic rhinoplasty is to bring your nose into harmony with your face - not someone else’s face. Pictures of other people's noses give you an overall sense of what proportions are pleasing to you, but the best rhinoplasty is the one that looks like you were born that way. Learn more about rhinoplasty.

Neck Surgery

Surgery cannot correct the original shape of the neck that you were born with, but it can address the three factors of aging: fatty accumulation in the neck, loosening of the neck muscles, and excess skin in the neck.

Facial liposuction can selectively remove fat from the neck. The i-Guide suture-suspension system can add support to the muscles of the neck, and an open procedure is necessary when the aging of the neck is more advanced.  An isolated neck lift is indicated only for early signs of aging, or when a previous facelift has already been performed. Learn more about neck surgery.

Ear Reshaping

Prominent ears are a common condition, where the normal pattern of shaping and folding of the outer ear does not take place. Although hearing and the health of the ear are usually unaffected, the negative social and psychological attention that comes from prominent ears often requires early treatment. For this reason, Dr. Szachowicz prefers to correct prominent ears when the growth of the outer ear is nearly complete, at ages four to six years.

Otoplasty is also frequently performed for adults, often allowing more flexibility with hair styles. Pinning back of the ear can be done in conjunction with a facelift. Learn more about ear surgery.

Fat Transfer

The role of the fatty layer of the face is to provide volume, shape and smoothness to the facial contours. Over time, the specific compartments of fat in the face which shift, deflate and sag. Advanced facelifting techniques can reposition the fibrous layer and some of the fat , but does not address some of the key areas of fat atrophy around the mouth.

Fat transfer techniques have advanced such that fat can now be harvested from the abdomen (or other sites of fatty deposits) and then can be prepared to be used to add aesthetic volume to the face. Learn more about fat transfer.

Cheek Augmentation

A youthful contour in the cheeks has a smooth double-reversed curve, extending outward over the cheekbone and then curving gently inward again. Loss of this contour in the middle of the face is a telltale sign of aging and can add a considerable look of age to the face.

Cheek implants are custom-designed to add three-dimensional volume to the cheeks and mid-face. Surgery to place cheek implants can be done by itself or in combination with other rejuvenating surgery such as facelift. The implants are placed through incisions in the mouth and are permanent, yet can be removed at any time. Learn more about cheek augmentation.

Chin Implant

Enhancement of the profile using augmentation of the chin is performed at any age, most commonly for facial balance and to replace the loss of bony structure over time. The best candidates are those people with a weak chin (microgenia), but where the jaw is well-formed and the bite (occlusion) is good.

Many people are unaware that the chin may be augmented surgically through a relatively uncomplicated procedure. The most common chin implants are fashioned of solid surgical silicone and are intended to provide a lifetime correction. Learn more about chin implants.

Plastic Surgery for Men

Facial plastic surgery is an art form and male aesthetics are not the same as for women. From facelift surgery to nose surgery, men are unique. Read how procedures and treatments for men are tailored to align with a masculine identity and a natural look. Every procedure has a nuance which is truly just for men. Read more about Plastic Surgery for Men.

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