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Facial Plastic Surgery

Fraxel Laser Skin Resurfacing

Photo of a woman smiling while looking upFraxel is the industry leader in a new laser technology which is a top choice for repairing the skin from the effects of accumulated sun damage. The Fraxel system uses a process which makes thousands of tiny laser points of laser light on the skin, sparing healthy islands of tissue between the dots. The benefit to you is that, as the size of the laser dots get smaller, the healing time also gets shorter, and with less disturbance of skin color.

The Fraxel re:pair is a CO2 (carbon dioxide) laser, which is deigned as a one treatment option to correct aged and sun-damaged skin. The CO2 laser has the benefit as an effective, non-surgical way to gently tighten the skin, especially in thin skin areas as the eyes. Studies have shown that CO2 treatments can lower the risk of the most common types of skin cancers. 

Fraxel re:pair laser treatments are safe for not only the face, but also the neck, chest , and hands. Add it all up, and Fraxel re:pair is a safe and effective procedure which tightens loose skin and removes years from your appearance.

"The Fraxel re:pair system targets sun-damage on and off the face, including the delicate neck and chest regions." 

Fraxel re:pair Laser Skin Resurfacing

Treats the #1 reason of the appearance of age: Sun- damaged skin and lowers your skin cancer risk. 

The Fraxel re:pair CO2 (carbon dioxide) skin resurfacing laser is a true advance in skin rejuvenation. Compared to conventional CO2 lasers, Fraxel re:pair treatments are more precise, uniform and dramatically reduce healing time and aftercare. The laser's microscopic spot delivery system is key to the Fraxel re:pair safety and comfort. 

After treatment, 90% of those treated for sun-damage and skin laxity noticed improvement. In addition, Fraxel re:pair was unique in that the treatment protected the skin's natural pigmentation. 

The Fraxel re:pair laser has been FDA cleared and clinically tested for:

  • Improvement of moderate to deep wrinkles, furrows and lines
  • Treatment of textural irregularities of the skin caused by sun exposure
  • Lightening of the sun-spots and abnormal pigment
  • Tightening of the skin, especially in the thin skin areas of the eyes

How Our Office Facility Transforms Fraxel re:pair Laser Skin Resurfacing 

In our office we prefer conscious (IV) sedation for your comfort when performing Fraxel re:pair laser skin resurfacing. When using the CO2 at the proper setting for the repair of sun-damage to your skin, the discomfort from the laser is alleviated by the sedation anesthesia. When the procedure is complete, you awaken, ready to go with your caretaker shortly thereafter. Sedation anesthesia transforms the fear of discomfort or awareness of the laser procedure. When you get home, you can easily begin your cleansing washes with little to no discomfort. The feedback from our patients has been uniformly positive for the benefits of IV conscious sedation. 

Recovery Timetable following Fraxel re:pair Laser Skin Resurfacing 

Days #1 -3

  • Gentle cleansing of the skin every two hours while awake, and then once during the night. Thorough cleansing is the best and fastest way to heal with new healthy skin, with the minimal of problems. The skin is pink and clean.
  • You can cleanse in the shower for convenience. Next, a mild vinegar soak is followed by Vaseline Ointment. 

Day #4 - 7 to 10 days

  • A brand new layer of skin 'resurfaces' your face; which goes from pink to red. Moisturizer is applied to keep the new skin from drying. Residual swelling fades rapidly. Much of the freckling and brown spotty pigmentation is gone.
  • The initial redness fades to a blush pink. Beginning at 7-10 days you can easily wear makeup or tinted sunscreen to balance the color. 

Benefits of Fraxel re:pair Laser Skin Resurfacing 

  • The Fraxel name is one of the most trusted names in cutaneous laser skin resurfacing. Dr. Szachowicz has been using the Fraxel CO2 laser for skin resurfacing since 2007. Dr. Szachowicz has taught national seminars to physicians on the use of CO@ laser resurfacing and was one of the first doctors to perform facial laser resurfacing in Minnesota.
  • The Fraxel CO2 laser has extensive, multi-center studies which were used to provide the FDA with information for its FDA-approval. In one large study, 100 patients were treated for sun-damaged skin and none of the patients had any long term permanent lightening of the skin (hypopigmentation) after 18 months and had minimal risk for scarring.
  • Fraxel CO2 laser resurfacing is one of the few optical tracking lasers (similar to the mouse on your computer), which gives consistent and accurate results.
  • Fractionated CO2 (Fraxel) laser skin resurfacing heals much faster than older (ablative) CO2 lasers and has less complications. 

Best Candidates for Fraxel re:pair Laser Skin Resurfacing 

  • The best candidates for Fraxel CO2 laser skin resurfacing are people who are looking to maintain their skin health over their lifetime and have signs for premature aging (sun-induced pigmentation, wrinkles and dull aged skin).
  • People with sun-damaged skin. This can happen from growing up on a farm, lake or ocean, or even an active outdoors lifestyle with sports and recreation.
  • "Lip-stick wrinkles" in the upper and lower lip. This happens even in non-smokers, and is difficult to treat with other treatments.
  • Criss-cross wrinkles in the skin, especially on the cheeks and crow's feet area are a sign of significant sun damage that can benefit from laser skin resurfacing.
  • Freckled or blotchy pigmentation which doesn't respond to bleaching creams.
  • Any history of basal skin cancer. Studies show a reduction in skin cancer risk after CO2 laser skin resurfacing. This is especially important for those who grew up without the availability of good sunscreens.

Risks of Fraxel re:pair Laser Skin Resurfacing 

Treatment with oral anti-viral medication for the prevention of cold sores is recommended for all patients having a CO2 laser resurfacing. Meticulous skin care after the procedure is the strongest measure to promote rapid healing and minimize infection. Although healing is rapid, the treated skin needs to be protected after the treatment until healing is complete. Sun protection with sunscreen is recommended to protect the newly healed skin from further photo-aging, and unwanted pigmentation. Clients with darker skin types may experience some hyperpigmentation after treatment which may require treatment. Blemishes and scarring are possible. Some clients may need a second treatment session to obtain optimal results. Fraxel treatment is not recommended if you are pregnant. 

To Learn More About Fraxel re:pair laser skin resurfacing 

To learn more about why Fraxel re:pair CO2 laser skin resurfacing may be your best choice to repair sun damage, reduce spotty pigmentation, smooth and tighten your skin, contact Dr. Szachowicz at Facial Plastic Surgery, in Edina, Minnesota.

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