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Hand Rejuvenation with Fat Grafting

  • Keys to Hand Rejuvenation:
    • Remove age spots and spotty pigmentation
    • Diminish the effect of prominent blue veins
    • Soften the contour of the tendons

Aging of the hands becomes noticeable when the skin on the back of the hands begins to thin and the bluish coloration of the veins becomes more evident. Even more pronounced aging causes the white color of the tendons to show through as the muscles within the hand diminish in bulk. Fat grafting to the backs of the hands has an overall beneficial effect by “plumping up” the thinning skin, and camouflaging the tendons and veins with a thin layer of fatty tissue. Fat, harvested from the tummy or thighs, is carefully placed under the thin skin of the hands with modern day micro -cannulas, which reduce bleeding and trauma to the tissues. Caring for your hands after fat grafting takes at least one week: this involves limited use of your hands, especially at the computer, so the fat graft heals properly without undue motion. Fraxel laser treatments are the most effective method of treating brown spots and sun freckles, for a complete rejuvenation. We also suggest using driving gloves and SPF 30+ for long road trips in order to reduce prolonged sun exposure to the backs of your hands.

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