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Nanofat – Regenerative Medicine for the Aging Skin


Nanofat contains stem cells from your own fat which are implanted into the upper layers of the skin to stimulate new collagen – resulting in improvement of fine lines, texture and color of your skin This benefit is especially useful for thin skin areas such as the crow’s feet, lip lines, neck, chest and hands.

A New Treatment to Rejuvenate Aging Skin

Dr. Szachowicz is excited to offer a new regenerative medical treatment for the aging of the skin. “For some time, I have been following the novel work of two doctors in Belgium who have found a way to purify stem cells from your own fat. These purified stem cells can be delivered into the upper layers of the skin via a specialized type of micro-needling technique. The benefit? The purified stem cells rejuvenate the aging skin without volumizing the treated areas. I now feel the background science and the results of the trials justified offering the treatment to my patients. I am excited about all the possible applications for this technique”.

What Is Nanofat?

The process begins by harvesting about 4-6 tablespoons of fat from the belly area (similar to a mini-liposuction). The harvested fat is then processed to concentrate your body’s own stem cells. Over a treatment period of 15 to 20 minutes, Dr. Szachowicz uses a special type of micro-needling device with needles to create thousands of micro channels in your skin and injects your own purified stem cells into the upper layers of the skin of your face, neck, chest and hands. Over the next 2-6 months, the purified stem cells cause the skin to rebuild the collagen layer, resulting in the softening of fine lines and improvement of the texture and color of the skin.

Most common sites for Nanofat treatment:

  • Face, especially, lip lines, cheek lines and crow’s feet
  • Crepey neck skin
  • Chest (décolletage)
  • Thin skin of hands


The procedure does have a downtime from 48-72 hours, after which you may need a concealer for any redness. Dr. Szachowicz feels that “Nanofat” stem cell regeneration will help treat areas of aging where traditional treatments such as laser, fillers and Botox have not been as effective because the skin was in need a regenerative boost. Dr. Szachowicz also feels that “Nanofat” stem cell regeneration may be particularly effective soon after a Fraxel CO2 laser resurfacing treatment, when the skin has already been conditioned and primed to receive the stem cells.

Recovery timetable:

  • Redness, swelling in thin-skin areas or areas needing more treatment
  • Pin-point bruising from the micro-needling
  • 3 days of applying “Nanofat cream” to the treated areas to optimize results
  • Can wear camouflage makeup after 3 days
  • Collagen building over 2-6 months

Call Dr. Szachowicz at (952) 835-5665 or request a consultation to discuss Nanofat Stem Cell Regeneration in a complimentary consultation. The procedure is offered in-office, under local anesthesia for most patients.

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