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Xeomin – The Newest Kid in the Botulinum Family


Xeomin product photoThe main difference between Xeomin and the other botulinum toxins on the market, Botox or Dysport, is that Xeomin is more pure. It contains only botulinum toxin A, without any attached proteins. The attached protein just protects the botulinum toxin in its natural state but does not add any benefit to its wrinkle reduction properties. The current thinking is that patients may develop resistance to the attached proteins to the botulinum toxin, and not to the toxin itself. A potential benefit to the pure-form of botulinum toxin, such as Xeomin, is that you are less likely to become resistant to it over time by forming antibodies to the protein.

How Quick is the Effect?

Xeomin has a different time of onset than either Dysport (24-48 hours) or Botox (3-5 days); Xeomin may take 4 days before the full effect of muscle relaxation. The duration of Xeomin in clinical trials was very similar to Botox (3.7 months compared to 3.5 months) for similar doses.

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The best way to see how Xeomin works for you is to try it yourself. Xeomin is FDA-approved for treating frown lines in the USA, just as Botox and Dysport. Just call Facial Plastic Surgery in Minneapolis, MN to schedule your first Xeomin experience.

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